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A Story Steeped in Sound

Brude is an enigma: You will experience the raw driving power of wild and hungry young engines, whilst enjoying the luxury and comfort of the classic rock ‘n’ roll ride.
Back from the dead: Literally an injection of fresh, hot rock ‘n’ roll blood has brought about a shift in time and conquered the science of resurrection. You'll be transported back to those exciting days when rock and roll could literally rule your world. You just have to let Brude into your life.
An excess of riffs and beats fit for the gods: The technical brilliance of the guitars will bewitch your mind, while those wild and dirty drums will enter your body and take it over, like a dancing voodoo virus. This band gives you big rock vocals and the hooks to remember; singing the stories of both yesterday and today. The stories you have been waiting for.
Brude are a natural remedy for today’s steamroller lifestyles. Feel alive, feel free, feel invigorated and stay forever young.   
No medicine is 100% safe but this one is more fun than the alternatives.
Brude keep it green: Brude guarantee all the components of Brude are either a product of the celebrated, environmentally friendly, Hattersley grow your own scheme, or sustainably recycled high quality original parts.  A unique mix and a taste like no other.
Brude music is: Influenced by life, late nights, rock, funk, fusion, blues and prog.
Brude are: Rich Hattersley - vocals & bass guitars, Sam Hattersley - vocals and drums, Will Hattersley - vocals and guitars.
Breaking News: Brude are currently working with the talented and mysterious Mr Brailsford. We all look forward to him adding another layer of tasty guitar to the Brude sound.

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